About Monsters Under the Bed

Monsters Under the Bed is a creative writing school, and part of the National Arts Council’s Art Elective Programme. Our writing syllabus is conceptualized by professional writers, and vetted by former NIE teachers. Rather than use model essays, we believe in a writing syllabus that involves reading, games, simulation, and multi-modal forms of instruction. In schools our focus is on delivering literacy skills in a manner aligned with your excellence model.
ryanRyan Ong
Ryan Ong has been a freelance writer since his late teens. He has contributed to several major news sites and publications, such as Yahoo! Finance, Reader’s Digest Asia, Men’s Health, Her World, and many others. Ryan has a BA in English from the University of London.
sueannSueann Tan
Sueann Tan has been a content creator for leading companies like Vocanic and OSIM International. She is also a freelance ghostwriter, and has contributed to NSMan magazine, MatchMove, and others. Sueann has a BA in Mass Communications from Murdoch University.
adamAdam Tun-Aung
Adam Tun-Aung is a writer for Singaporean lifestyle site Mothership.sg, and the culture & Entertainment editor of NotA Tourist.sg. He was previously an editor and writer at Singapore Press Holdings, contributing lifestyle articles for various magazines. Adam has also been a script writer for BLKA Pictures. He has a Diploma in IT and a Diploma in Computer Graphics, from Republic Polytechnic and Cavendish College (London) respectively.
JonathanJonathan Vander Woude
Jonathan Vander Woude was a literary reviewer for Hot Metal Bridge, and was formerly on the staff of Graywolf Press. He was a teaching and research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh. Jonathan has a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is currently pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing.
Tajuddin began his foray into writing as a blogger before becoming a contributor to sites such as Freshgrads.sg. A Sociology major from Nanyang Technological University, he was formerly co-founder and Head of English at SparklingYouths, a joint venture developing enrichment courses for youths.